BROADBAND NETWORKS | Satisfying the Demand for High-Speed Networks

The need for high-speed, high-capacity broadband data networks drives the market, and new data applications—from intelligent transportations systems to public safety video surveillance and Utility SmartGrid applications—coupled with the demand for advanced, consistent broadband systems is greater than ever.
Phone lines providing site-to-site connectivity are more expensive and less reliable than Point-To-Point wireless connectivity, and with spectacular 99.99% reliability, Point-To-Point networks are in high demand.
As police, fire, commercial enterprises and utility agencies nationwide are performing more work from smart devices in the field, the need to transfer data to back-end servers is growing. Data previously acceptable to send at the end of a shift can now be sent instantaneously with hot spot technology. Vehicles can “roam” into a wireless hot spot and upload mobile data automatically, providing real-time information immediately to back-end servers.
Buses, police cars, repair vehicles and department of public works trucks are taking advantage of rapidly deployed GPS solutions for efficiency, tracking and safety purposes. A parent calling in to locate his or her missing child can now receive immediate answers from dispatch locations nationwide with deployed GPS. Agencies can better manage their fleets with GPS solutions, thus reducing overtime costs. Employee safety has dramatically increased with the ability to immediately locate a worker in distress.

We are proud to work with many of the leading manufacturers in the industry, including:

  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Airspan Networks
  • Cambium Networks
  • Aviat Networks
  • DragonWave Inc.
  • Firetide
  • BridgeWave Communications