AIR BLOWN FIBER | Lighting Up Your Network

The demand for smartphone access to internet, multimedia services, video on demand and voice over IP (VoIP) is insatiable. Characterized by high bandwidth consumption, these new applications require more capacity for the enterprise network environment. In-building Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) can now be easily and inexpensively installed with the Pinnacle Wireless Air Blown Fiber solution.

Pinnacle Wireless is one of the only trained and certified Air Blown Fiber installation organizations on the entire U.S. East Coast. We specialize in providing turnkey solutions for fiber network construction, engineering and installation to connect the wireless and wireline worlds. Air Blown Fiber is more flexible, making it easier to install than traditional fiber through conduit. If a building needs to upgrade or expand their fiber capacity after their original installation, Pinnacle Wireless can simply blow new fiber through a tube.

Pinnacle Wireless provides innovative design and installation services in conformity with the latest industry standards. Our expert technicians are certified to assemble and install fiber and ensure every aspect of your project is handled with professionalism and care. Since our first high-profile Air Blown Fiber project in 2005, we manage every project in the following refined, systematic manner:


Conduct A Thorough Site Survey

Surveys recognize circumstances or locations in need of special attention. Pinnacle Wireless assures local building codes and regulations, such as National Electric Code (NEC), are addressed from the start.

Develop A Fiber Installation Plan

A fiber installation plan communicates the considerations noted during the site survey to the installation team. This includes logistics of network equipment, location of intermediate access points, splice locations and specific responsibilities of each installer.

Follow Proper Procedures

Our knowledgeable technicians follow all appropriate steps to ensure project safety, compliance to all municipal codes and success.

Document The Installation

Pre- and post-installation test data and build documentation are recorded in an orderly and logical fashion to ensure efficient troubleshooting and streamlined upgrading in the future.