LAND MOBILE RADIO | Trusted Connectivity to Match Your Needs

When you need reliable communication with high availability, two-way radio technology is the superior choice. Private and commercial two-way radio systems are the proven solution for both everyday use and emergency situations. Pinnacle Wireless offers a diverse portfolio of two-way solutions and supporting network infrastructure to meet your specific needs.

Connecting People and Places

Public safety agencies, transportation and utility markets rely on radio systems for clear, reliable and fast access for urgent communications. Critical infrastructure industries, such as utilities transportation systems, oil and gas need private, two-way radio systems with high reliability and coverage throughout the work environment to optimize resources. Businesses and enterprises use radio systems to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their work forces.

Unique Systems Design Specialists

Pinnacle Wireless designs, installs and maintains even the most complex private land mobile radio systems or conventional analog systems. By designing and implementing unique point-to-point solutions, reliability is increased and phone line costs are reduced. Pinnacle Wireless offers mobile and portable GPS hardware and software solutions to compliment your radio system. Additionally, we can provide alarm and control solutions for your two-way radio.

We are an authorized integrator for the leading manufacturers of radio equipment, including:

• Motorola
• Icom
• Tait
• Vertex
• Selex

Unparalleled Customer Service and Support

You can trust Pinnacle Wireless to solve any radio system issue. Our maintenance service provides timely and efficient troubleshooting, combined with expert technicians who are ready to repair or replace any broken hardware, software or component to quickly return your system to its peak performance.